The Mercy Labs perfume oil, has been carefully formulated to ease various problems associated with day-to-day functioning such as tiredness. The oil is made from a blend of natural oils, which gently work to ensure mind and body equilibrium, as long as the oil is present on the skin. The oil can alleviate many problems such as, inability to sleep, excessive tiredness, poor concentration, snoring, anxiety, sleep walking, stress, bed-wetting, sleeping during driving, sleep during prayer, sleeping during innapropiate times, marital tension, confusion due to dementure and tinnitus amongst other ailments. How to use your oil: Before going to sleep, use the roll-on bottle to apply the oil to your chest and stomach. You can also use the oil during the day; By rolling from right to left over your chest. Use the oil as frequently as you need. The perfume oil blend is contained in a 9ml blue glass bottle which comes with a metal ball, roll-on capability for quick and easy application. The oil bottle can be purchased for just £5 by collecting the product in person from Leicester city UK or by ordering online. To collect in person, please send a Whatsapp message or text or phone. If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us.